30 Point Courtesy Check

We want you to have the peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle.  Whether it’s your daily driver or your weekend cruiser, at the Bypass Garage your vehicle is our way of earning your trust.  With every paid visit we will perform a 30 point vehicle inspection just to make sure you know your vehicle a little better.  We inspect the following:

  1. Tire Condition – Front
  2. Tire Condition – Rear
  3. Alignment – 2 and 4 Wheel
  4. Steering / Suspension Components
  5. Rack and Pinion Pump, Hoses and Fluid
  6. Front Brake Pads
  7. Rear Brake Pads or Shoes
  8. Brake Hydraulic System and Fluid
  9. Emergency Brake System
  10. Axle Shafts and Boots/ U-Joints
  11. Front Shocks/ Struts
  12. Rear Shocks/ Struts
  13. Muffler
  14. Exhaust Pipes and Hangers
  15. Engine or Transmission Leaks
  16. Rear End (Differential) Fluid or Leaks
  17. Condition of (accessible) Drive Belts and Adjustment
  18. Condition of Trans Fluid
  19. Condition of Coolant Sample
  20. Condition of Radiator and Hoses
  21. Condition of Heater Hoses
  22. Condition of Battery and Terminals
  23. Condition of Battery Cables
  24. Condition of Tune Up Components
  25. Condition of Filters (Air, Fuel and PCV)
  26. Condition of Engine Oil
  27. Headlights and Adjustments
  28. Lights (Brake, Tail, Turn Signals, etc)
  29. Condition of Wiper Blades
  30. Factory Scheduled Maintenance