Brake Repairs

Nothing is more important when you need it than the brakes on your vehicle. This is a serious safety issue and very much necessary. Too often we see a vehicle come in that should have had a brake job 1000 or more miles ago! Like everything else on your car, If your brakes are past the safety limit, you not only are at risk for an unnecessary tragedy, but so is your bank account! That’s right. You can avoid an expensive repair job simply by catching it early.

Let us check your brakes today

At the Bypass Garage, we want you to be safe and save your hard earned money on things you like to do and places you want to visit. Why pay more later when you can catch the problem early and save yourself the extra cash and a truck load of grief?

Brake jobs are something we take seriously here, and with good reason. If you are here for another issue that has nothing to do with your brakes, just ask us to take a look for you.

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Older cars have usually have disk brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. Most newer cars have only disk brakes in the front and rear. If you want to learn more about the braking system, click here.